A Journey of Leadership: Core Competencies

A parable of Leadership
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A Leadership journey through
31 Axioms of Leadership
Featruring The Young One and
Trusted Mentor, The Old One


A Journey With No Goal?

What can we learn from a journey; a journey with no prescribed goal? In my book THE LEADER, that is the situation of my two protagonists, The Young One and The Old One. They are on “A Journey to Somewhere” assigned to The Young One by overseers. We learn its destination only when they finally “arrive.” On this Journey, though, 31 specific lessons are learned.

Isn’t that kind of like life itself? Even non-descript journeys without stated goals can unpredictably lead to new insights and skills. Sometimes, life is so poignant that it is virtually impossible to avoid growth as we proceed. Granted, some conscious decision to apply what we learn is needed.

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